Vortex Brands recently reached a preliminary agreement to acquire Sagan Labs and that Nicholas Busse will become its new CEO. Gov. John Kasich signed House Bill 523 into law on June 8, 2016, making Ohio the 25th state to adopt medical marijuana laws. The legislation, passed by the Ohio General Assembly the previous week, will allow patients to use and purchase medical cannabis that will be cultivated and processed in-state. Under the proposed terms of the merger, the Company will focus on building out cultivation farm for medical marijuana on farm land in Ohio and assisting other Companies in the development and incubation of medical marijuana products for Ohio and other states such as Colorado, Oregon and California. 

Sagan Labs will be dedicated to providing high quality analytical and development services for the new legal cannabis industries in Ohio and those established in California.   Additionally, Sagan Labs has begun discussion with attorney’s and city council members to obtain a license to grow cannabis within a 22,000 square foot greenhouse.  The expected capacity would be 7,000 pounds per year.